Friday, March 16, 2018

Some News

Hi there, I hope this newsletter finds all of you very well and every day more committed to your artistic craft. 

I have some news to share. 

A-  I'm working so hard to present the final version of my solo play. I will be on stage at The Pocket Theatre on Friday, April 6th and Saturday 7th, 7.00pm with:
If You See Something... Play Something (the Whole Story). It is an ONE-hour solo performance of Stories, Poetry, Masks, and Music about the struggling of a nomadic immigrant dealing with American Culture. Tickets are $ 10 online and $14 at the door. Follow the link:

B- I applied for a grant at 4culture for a project about new immigrant stories (theater, poetry, and mask). The idea is to collect performances from all over the world. I'm looking for pals willing to organize it with me. In May, I will know if I got the grants..... Volunteers available please send me a message

C- from I received an interesting communication for a summer workshop in Muncie, Indiana... somebody wants to join me this summer?
The Mask in Actor Training
July 15 – 21
Tuition/housing/breakfast and lunch: $475
Workshop Leader: Jonathan Becker
Learn the practice of acting with masks.  Learn the practice of training actors with masks.  Participate in the oldest form of storytelling and explore with masks that speak to a universal human experience.  

D- A beautiful idea will be to go to Sardinia (Italy) in June 15, 16 and 17 for the first "Festival Internazionale delle Maschere" MAMU-MASK....

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