Monday, February 9, 2015

Masks & Life Coaching

Isn't life about building, wearing and changing Masks? I think so. Some Masks we like, some of them we hate. But be aware of that: there is no yourself (whatever you ever thought "yourself can be") because you are in all the masks you were and all the masks you will wear.

It is like an onion, just not in the sense we use the "metaphorical" onion. You know, take off the external part to discover the heart. The problem is that an onion is an onion, same smell, same consistency, same taste, from the skin to the core. Its all onion!

So maybe it is like be an actor or an actress!. Oh yes maybe that's more appropriate. A monologist, that kind of actors  or actress that write, direct and play their own "piece".

So, if that is and I believe so, other question wee need to put on the table.

How do I built my masks? When? Where did I took inspiration?

How do I make possible the change between one to another? With what emotions do I need to deal to wear  a new mask?

How could I make some new masks when the other are too consumed to be used again?

Which mask do I need to build to continue to improve myself and do what I want to do?

Some guy in Maryland did this interesting elaboration of his brain injury (follow that link).

Masks over masks what kind of fascinating perspective to understand humans!