Monday, April 21, 2014

Too Little Respect and Too Much Respect

(from Improvisation in Drama, A. Frost & R. Yarrow, PALGRAVE McMillian, pag 165-166)

Too little respect, and the masks will remain lifeless cardboard props; but too much respect - treating the masks as if they were truly the repositories of ancient demons - can stifle creativity altogether. Masks begin work ambushing their wearers. If the atmosphere is good, the work respectful, open, honest and good humored to begin with, the masks will animate the actor (the wearer I would say) rather than the reverse. But it is essential that the work be undertaken with care, so as not stifle the emergence of that new self. [...] What is important here is the emphasis on working with the mask, developing a relationship with it from which the new self can emerge, as a seamless - but never entirely comfortable - "fit" between mask and actor's body (wearer's body)

Ground Rules for Masks Improvisation (Eldredge 1996:42)

1.- Have respect for the Mask.
2.- Work on yourself and for yourself until told to do otherwise. 
3.- Work in silence.
4.- Avoid touching the Mask while wearing it.
5.- Keep the separation clear between your Self and your Mask. (a participant should not speak in her own voice in the mask. The mask does not talk in her voice: it has its own voice). 
6.- When you are told to stop and come out of the mask, you will do so. 

Ultimately, the "trance" or power to change is not in the Mask: it derives from the conjunction of Mask, actor (wearer) and audience. The wearer responds to stimuli both from the mask and the teachers and/or audience: what is involved is a dynamic process of co-creation. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Some Words, Several Maks (Rebound)

A night of Poems, Music, Masks and Plays.

Where the power of the Masks came from? Which effect they have on the wearer?
What have in common Persons and Masks?

After some words about that we will wear the masks to play with music and people.

People can wear a Mask and be another one for one night and experiencing live the power of the Masks. 
It   is   a   way   in   some   part   between   art, healing   practice   and   the   therapeutic   power   of art.  
You   can   bring   your   own mask or   wear  one from our collection and move, dance and meet all the other masks. 

Sunday 13th April 5 pm B2 Gallery 711 Saint Helens Avenue, Suite 100 Tacoma, WA. 98402
Join Us, $20, no reservation need.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

To read about Masks.

Rarely a free download is so interesting, documented and full of triggering stimulus. If you want to know more about masks and philosophy, that's for you!

William Keith Tims: Masks and Sartre's Imaginary: Masked Performance and the Imaging Consciousness.
(move the mouse to see the link)

Engagement and Transformation

Engagement and Transformation – In Riccardo’s mask workshops that is what happens. He leads using music, prompts, invitation and gentle guidance. I found myself surrounding to the power of the masks and their inherent ability to lend insight and depth into the knowledge of my own psychology. It was a joy to move and explore, to interact with  other participants, and  to reflect on my experience.

Debe Edden, Artistic and Managing Director of The Heartsparkle Players, a Playback Theatre company