What we can do with Masks

Workshop with Masks. An intense time to wear the Masks, dance with them, exploring our "other" or "new" selves. A good workshop could be for hours works, the best is two days workshops. It is very intense, active and revealing.  It can be used to work on a delicate and emotive topic (see list down there). We have a huge collection of Masks. strange glasses and props that permit to work with groups from 7 to 50 persons.

Weekly Mask's Wearing. A "gym" for you mind and emotions. After an introduction about Masks, personality and life changes it is a weekly two hour meeting to workout with your attitudes, habits, idiosyncrasy, emotion and creativity. With Masks, Music and into relation with other. It is a very good way to improve your personal balance and the skills to cope with life and professional changes. Groups until 20 persons, minimum commitment one month (4 meetings).

Masks making. It is a workshop to explore your creativity making your personal mask and using it with other people. Do the nature of Mask making process, that workshop needs for weekly moments to permit to build the mold (plaster), the mask (papier-mache). The making works is accompanied by creative exercises.  We can explore the "dark side" making the Unconscious Masks, or you imagination with the Creative Masks.

Masquerade. That is a work with community and big groups. Should be preceded by a simple Mask Making workshop with the goal to produce a public event where the Masks tell the community stories, helping people either, copying with or trigger the social change. 

Themes, Topics and Learning Goals. Masks are an extremely, powerful and versatile prop to work around change, self-improvement, creativity, social and professional rules and roles, interpersonal communication, coping. Masks will booster your change in a fun, enjoyable and safe way.  

Do the versatile nature of the Masks it is possible to deeply customize their use in each different situation depending to the request. From original parties for birthdays, Anniversaries and family's event to special professional training like team building, collaborative skills, caring skills, stress and anger management and more. We are based in Seattle but we consider every request in the country. Workshops can be in English, Spanish and Italian. 

For any other information: riccardo.pieri@outlook.com

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