Tuesday, November 15, 2016

When Change Happen…but is Not What I Wanted!

As dual citizen I witnessed the American Election Day and today I received the ballot for a very important Italian Referendum about our Constitution Changes to made.
Despite one fact being done and the other yet to do, both of them have triggered my curiosity.
What happen when change is at work… but the results are not what expected? How do we face with not wanted changes? Denying it? Protesting? (and to who and for what?). Pretending nothing happened it’s allowed? Or just we get caught in depression and dark thought? Blaming others? Whining all day long?

We believe that change is ours breathe, it just goes on and on. There is no need to think about it or, worse, to avoid it.
However, like on these days to me, change seems going a little further: toward sides I don’t like and I won’t. Of course the change running in a political arena is not the same of the one you have to ride on your life.

But how we can transform these very common attitudes in a positive and more useful way? Oh that’s very interesting thing to coach around!
Collecting facts around the change. Refuse the odd analysis. Change your glasses: what did not you see? What other people will describe it? What do they say to explain themselves? Try to walk in their shoes can help.
Working on your emotions. How do you feel? How do you show these feeling? Accepting all dark and depressing emotion can help too.
For sure one last work we need to cope with: how you deal with impotence? How stay in a cage like an animal on the zoo, without losing your soul? How you restore your energy to fuel hope?
That’s remind me of the way Clowns are used to cope with failure. Playing it again and again until poetry, irony and imagination combined together will make you and your audience crying with no knowledge about the reason.

Of course, that’s not very easy to do so! 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Not to change is not an option!

   “Nothing is more real than the masks we make to show each other who we are.”  Christopher Barzak, The Love We Share Without Knowing) 

    Change is like breathing. It happens. You don’t need to do anything. It is a life process. If you are alive you are breathing and change. Every second.
       Since I began to write this little article all of my cells changed several time. Literally I’m a different person since I start writing.
Tranformational mask - Vancouver BC - Anthropological Museum 
   Of course you can hold your breath, for a while but in a few second you go … fiuuuuu! Change is kind of the same. You can hold, especially the change you don’t want to have, for a while, but after that again, whoahhhhhhh! It goes.
    Like human living been we are set to change a little bit every second all along our life. A kid that I was it is very different from the adult that I’m now. Different dimension, weight, tall, brain. A human body that is not changing anymore is gone, death.
Everything in me is different any moment and however it is still myself. (that is another story!, please wait for another telling)

   Now if change is like that, why we are so afraid of it? Why we spend so much time and energy to avoid that? Why every change in our life is giving us so much intense emotions, anxiety and trouble? Why is so difficult to flow in this river and enjoy the current?