Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Masks and Music: a strictly relationship!

Masks and music probably were born the same day! When we think on the masks used by our ancestors it is easy to imagine people wearing masks, dancing in trance under the moon!

Music, melodies, songs and refrain are the most powerful emotional triggers mankind ever invented. Music has the quality to evoke the full range of human emotions and sentiments.

This power is connected with memories like when you hear an old melody from your childhood. In that case you can experience an earlier time and some of the emotions connected with the moment from the past.

But music also has a direct connection with your brain, for that we use the music in the movies to accompany some scenes and trigger specific emotions.

Since prehistory and still today native people here in US and around the world are using music to get into a trance. Trance is a different state of mind in what your body feels specific and strong emotions, maybe with hallucinations and physical changes.

Otherwise history of the music is full of good examples of the power of notes, melodies, percussion or songs. The composer of Opera comped to have women faint in theaters. Religion is another field where music is constantly present to facilitate meditation and prayers.

Music therapy is an allied of health professions. In the Bionenergetic therapy (A. Lowen) body exercises are combined with specific music. Biodanza® invented by the Chilean psychiatrist Rolando Toro is a system to work with emotions.

Additionally, we use music to keep us fit by doing “Aerobic dance”, “Jazzercise®”, “Zumba®, “Capoeira” and other disciplines.

Using music with the masks
Music plays an important role working with the masks. Music triggers emotions and facilitates public expression. We use selected songs and music from different traditions and cultures around the word! Classical music and pop/rock music, medieval music and folk music, music from movies and sacred or experimental music.

The choice of music is never casual. Every song, every note is part of the project. There is an intentional choreography with exercises, topics, goals and Masks. Music helps to trigger a specific emotion, or to establish a ritualized boundary. With music we can causes trance, induce relaxation, stimulate meditation or just accompany the deep expression of ourselves. 

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